Quantitative Analytics for Biomedical and Other Complex Data

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Descipher LLC - Analytic Dynamics Products

Our approach is to create software that is flexible and can be used as a standalone application or embedded within existing software environments.  At this time, we do not offer retail software.  If you would like to discuss how to obtain these algorithms for industrial use or academic research, please contact us using the form provided.
  • Data Mining and Modeling Software

  • We have a modeling tool that we call generalized dynamic regression (GDR).  It is generalized in a statistical sense in that various estimation procedures and nonlinear models can be used with continuous and categorical data.  The default is weighted least squares models with time-varying coefficients and censoring.   It is dynamic because it models stochastic processes, i.e., unequally spaced multivariate repeated measures at random time intervals.   And it is regression because it models the expected value (mean) conditioned on the history of the stochastic process and covariates.

    Continuous dynamic multivariate data display is also important.  When 3-dimensional data can be displayed in motion and captured in a video, the human brain can detect patterns that may not be evident using standard statistical or data mining approaches.

    This collection of tools can be used for mining data of various types to search for dynamic patterns and to estimate cross-correlations and auto-correlations with essentially no assumptions about the underlying data.
  • Diagnostic Software

  • Our diagnostic algorithm called Argo™ is running on another website. Click here to try it out.  This application is currently running on a knowledge base of about 15 million disease-test pairs, equivalent to rules in a classical expert system.  The algorithm is completely general, meaning it can be tailored to any set of input-output pairs and embedded in other software.
  • Collaborative or Contract Research and Development

  • We will consider offers to collaborate with other companies or researchers to apply our tools to biomedical research and development or other fields with data of similar structure. Proposals for licensing the tools will also be entertained.
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