Quantitative Analytics for Biomedical and Other Complex Data

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Descipher LLC - Analytic Dynamics Services

We provide services related to our skills and products described on the Home Page and Product Page. These include the following:
  • Custom Programming

  • Our primary programing languages include SAS, R/S-Plus, Matlab, Python, Java, C/C++, and SQL.   However we will consider embedding our algorithms in other programming environments as well.
  • Consulting

  • We will consider consulting assignments where our expertise applies.  These may include clinical trial design and analysis, especially for drug safety signal detection in clinical laboratory or electrophysiological data.  We would also entertain interesting problems in non-health-related fields.

  • Continuing Education

  • We are considering offering continuing education courses of 1-5-day duration, either onsite or at a central location such as a hotel nearby or one requiring overnight accommodations.  These courses would be related to the other topics presented on this website and may include mathematics, statistics, and scientific programming for biomedical and biology professionals or biology and clinical/laboratory medicine for mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists . If you have an interest in these or related topics, please indicate your background, your educational objective, number of days you can spend on training, the amount you can pay for such training, and whether you prefer onsite or offsite training.  If we get enough requests for a particular topic, we will consider constructing an appropriate curriculum and notify you of the offering.

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